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Hydro Hoist Lifts


As a dealer, we are able to offer a full line of HydroHoist products. Feel free to visit www.boatlift.com for product brochures and full line sheets.

Dandy Dock Products

Also a dealer for Dandy Dock, we offer their full line as well including bumpers, connect-a-dock, lifts, wave rods and more.  www.dandydocks.com

Cable Lift Systems

  We can design many different types of cable lift systems to fit the type dock you have.

Encapsulated Flotation

  Our encapsulated foam manufactures pass the most strict regulations for wall thickness and environmental resistance.

Composite Decking

  Composite decking has become the #1 choice for outdoor deck coverings due to its ability to withstand the extreme changes without decaying. It is available in a wide variety of colors allowing the customer to get a custom match for the color scheme. Bumpers and corner protectors are also available in different colors. 


  We have several types of slides to choose. Basic open style straight slides to custom installed tubular systems. 


  Custom design dock swings for every taste. These aren't your typical swing. 

Boards and Ladders

  And we cant forget about the boards and ladders. 

There are many more items, not shown here, that are available to fit you specific needs.  Please call us and we can determine what may be you best options.