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Services Offered

New Dock Design and Fabrication:

We have many options to offer when it comes to standard and custom designed docks.  Continuing to keep updated on the local lake regulations and construction codes, we know exactly what we can build to satisfy both your needs and the lake's standards.


Here are a few of the docks for viewing of some of our options. Select picture for larger view.


Dock Repairs:

We operate and maintain several barges and workboats that enable us to act quickly to repair needs. We offer land-based welding and repairing as well. In some cases, the dock will be in need of a complete new bottom and our repair teams are equipped and very knowledgeable of the route needed to accomplish such a task, whether it be on water or taken to shore.



New Flotation:

We comply with all our local lakes' regulations in regards to replacing or installing flotation. Currently most lakes are requiring Encapsulated Foam on any new construction are major repairs. Encapsulated foam is basically an extruded polystyrene shell filled with the white foam beads. Pricing for foam sold separately is available.


Annual Maintenance Programs:

We offer programs that give the property owner a well maintained dock throughout the course of the year even though you may not be around. We can check your docks integrity on a regular basis offering possible needs and improvements, clean the dock in preparation for the upcoming season or holiday, and check you dock for you in the event of a storm or damaging situation.


Diving and Recovery:

We have divers on staff for underwater inspections, recovery, and general labor. Emergency calls available.


Storm Towing and Pulling services:

In the event of a storm, some docks and boats may become freed from shore. We offer emergency services for pulling these docks back to shore and securing them and towing services for ships that may have been relocated during a rough event.